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Municipal advice

Strategies for activating places - Municipal advice

Strategies for activating places

We reactivate public facilities and structures, both active and disused, to ensure their proper functioning and maintenance and enhance their significance and resilience.

Mountain areas must be able to adapt to the constant and rapid socio-economic changes that the natural evolution of society imposes. Failure to adapt to these changes means risking being absorbed by the ghost of “empty Spain”.

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Reprogramming of obsolete spaces  - Municipal advice

Reprogramming of obsolete spaces

We analyse and create new programmes to update obsolete facilities and provide them with new functionality to activate the town’s life.

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Rearrangement of urban elements - Municipal advice

Rearrangement of urban elements

We design the best plan for organising urban elements that lack order and aesthetics to create functional, adaptable and visually pleasing ensembles, meeting the requirements of both operators and the community.

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Regeneration of heritage value  - Municipal advice

Regeneration of heritage value

We regenerate facilities that have become obsolete to convert them into accessible, functional and resilient buildings without losing the essence and heritage value they have for the territory in which they are located.

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