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Town planning

On urban land - Town planning

On urban land

Derived planning develops what is set out in general planning, understanding general planning as the strategy of the master plans and municipal development plans.

We offer services for drafting urban improvement plans on urban land.
We know that the line between the city and the countryside has become blurred, which has caused the territory to change rapidly. Therefore, we propose new planning models to achieve efficient territorial adaptability.

We plan and design the urban centres of towns, updating the general plan to the changes in urban dynamics to adapt it to current and future conditions and the socio-economic, environmental and demographic factors surrounding it.

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On non-urban land  - Town planning

On non-urban land

We offer catalogue plan drafting services for particular actions on rural land.

We know the mechanisms and the process to carry out a project, idea or proposal on rural land through catalogue plans for special actions.

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